Our game was the first in Europe tested on 5G

Jul 9, 2019

Hello, players!

We are so fiery excited! Recently, we took part in the official premiere of the 5G commercial network organized by T-Mobile. The inauguration was planned during the 5G Ecosystem Summit 2019 and the event was the culmination of the 5G Prototyping Program by hubraum. During the presentation, we’ve shown a prototype of a multiplayer game running on a commercial 5G network. But best of all, it was the FIRST multiplayer game TESTED on the commercial 5G network in Europe!

Our Block Hunters game focuses on the faithful simulation of physics on mobile devices, where all calculations are performed on the server-side, while the user’s device is responsible only for the final rendering of the graphic. The 5G network used during the presentation of the game allowed us for very accurate simulation of physics and detection of collision situations, as well as smooth gameplay without any delays which, until recently, in the case of such advanced calculations was not impossible using the 4G network.

The Block Hunters game is currently in the prototyping phase. During the gameplay, the player’s main goal is to build his base using the blocks on the board. Depending on the assumed plan, he may cooperate with other users or, on the contrary, sabotage their actions.

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